Fishing Game Toy Set with Single-Layer Rotating Board

Fishing Game Toy Set with Single-Layer Rotating Board



  • Suitable for AGE 3+. Package includes 15 Fishes and 4 Fishing Rods.
  • The game board spins and the fish open and close their mouths. Try to get the most fish in this classic action packed game.
  • Kids play with friends or family, have funs with it, and it also develop children’s brain, exercise the patience.
  • It is a fun educational toy. It’s not heavy at all so a small child or an older toddler can play with it and carry it with ease.
  • A variety of different colors and types of fish, cultivate children’s practical ability and agility, improve children’s vision and observation.


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  • Muti-Players: The fishing board game comes with 4 colorful fishing rods, so that kids can play with the families, friends, classmates, buddies and other people who interested in the fishing game, gather more fun in the playing and increase their friendship to some extent.
  • Colorful Design: All parts of the fishing board are in different colors, which may greatly improve the kid’s playing experiences, and they can distinguish different colors in their early childhood, very helpful to their color identification.
  • Saving Money: This fishing board is in better material, the ABS plastic will extent its playing lifespan, so that the fishing board will last longer and be a good accompany for the toddlers, you don’t need to buy such playing toys for your children in a long time, saving money for you.Product Descriptions:
    – 100% Brand New and High Quality
    – Color: Colorful (As shown in the picture).
    – Material: High Quality Plastic.

    Set Includes:
    4*FISH BOX,
    15* FISH